PIANODISC – The Invisible Pianist.


Amaze your friends with a PianoDisc Player System installed on your grand or upright piano. The piano can be controlled by iPad, has a huge library of music you can purchase, for every musical taste.

Adrian McDonald of PianoTech has traveled to the USA for training on installation and service on PianoDisc Player Systems. In 2017 Adrian became Western Australia’s only authorised installer of PianoDisc Player Systems and Silent Piano Systems.

The system can be installed on most grand pianos and a large majority of upright pianos. Smaller upright pianos may not be able to accomodate the workings of a PianoDisc IQ system.

A quote is recommended as each piano brand may differ in construction. The condition of the piano is also a consideration as a piano in poor condition i.e. poor regulation, loosed tuning pins ect may not be a worthy candidate for a PianoDisc system until the listed problems are rectified.   Options such as Pro-Record and custom speaker / audio integration will need to be quoted on top of standard installation.

Check out the system:

See how Adrian installed a PianoDisc IQ system on a new grand piano in 2015: