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Beale Upright Piano | Refurbished | $2595

A very nice, AUSTRALIAN made Beale piano from 1909.
This gem of a piano has been semi refurbished, so any worn or broken parts have been repaired or replaced.

Over the last year this piano has had a list of work done:
New Castors (wheels)
New Pedal Caps (brass)
New Top Lid
Action work: Regulation and lubrication, any broken loops, springs, jack cusions, back check skins replaced.
Ivory keys buffed
All brass work buffed and sealed
Tuned to concert pitch


Also note work in recent decades:

Bass bridge has been replaced – This is a problem with 90% of Australian Beales as the wooden bridge splits. This repair would cost you more than im asking for this piano – YOUR SAVING BIG$$$$$$ as the job has been done and to a high standard.
The action had the dampers replaced in the last 10 years, they are soft, well regulated and look like new.

As a piano technician I speak highly of Australian made Beale pianos, they last for a very long time due to the beale patent “all metal tuning wrest plank”. All other pianos suffer loose tuning pins in old age and get to a point they cant be tuned, this is because the tuning pin is held by a wood tuning wrest plank. Wood is organic and changes as it ages and drys out = loose tuning pins. This beale will not have that problem and will always have tight tuning pins due to the all iron tuning system.

Ozzy Beale pianos hold tune better than most other pianos as they are built in & for Australian conditions.

What you get:
Refurbished Beale Piano
Height adjustable stool
Pre delivery piano tune & check
12 month warranty
Delivery in Perth Metro area ( Ground floor, 3 steps max)

Can be inspected in Warnbro.



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