Used Pianos for Sales

Perth Used Piano Sales

We often have used pianos for sale at reasonable prices. You will see our preference for antique German pianos and pianos from Japan, Europe and Australia.

Un- Worked Piano Sale 

These pianos are structurally solid but are beyond economical refurbishment for myself due to the cost of re-polishing the cabinets etc. I have decided to on sell these pianos as is. Pianos will get a tuning before you collect. Piano transport can be arranged at additional cost.


CHALLEN UPRIGHT, English, 118cm, 88 note, No Stool,  $395  ( cabinet needs stripping and re-polishing, same piano model used by the Beatles at Abbey Road Studios )

PETROF UPRIGHT, Czech Republic, 126cm, 88 note, No Stool,  $495   ( cabinet needs stripping and re-polishing, piano is high quality and holds tune well )




Grunert Upright Piano | Made in Germany | QRS PNOscan Midi System | $2995

High Quality Grunert Upright Piano

Made in Germany in golden era of piano building

FULL SIZE @ 133cm tall

New tuning pins installed by PianoTech – Holds tune very well.

Cabinet has been detailed and presents well.

Brass work has been polished.

New QRS PNOscan II System ( Value $1500 ).

The PNOscan system is a simple and unobtrusive optical sensor, that is installed under the keyboard of a piano, any piano, from a clunky old upright to a $100,000+ Steinway Grand. Once installed, the PNOScan sensor picks up the sound and “keystroke velocity” (from soft to hard presses) of each individual key. The output is a standard USB cable, which in turn connects to a computer,  with software you need to translate any notes you play into musical notes on a staff, as you play them, and it will print your piano compositions, plus help you create your very own multi-track recordings. Will work with Apple Mac Garage Band or  Windows-based computers can do this too, only that you have to purchase additional software.

The Piano itself is a powerful, well made, German make from 1925. As a piano tuner I always have many pianos in my workshop in various states of repair and I have to confess this piano is my favourite to play. It has a big bass and crisp treble. With the new nickel tuning pins I have installed this piano hold tune just as well as a much younger piano.

Price also includes




1x TUNING IN YOUR HOME (within 6 month of delivery by calling PianoTech to book)



Pianos Ready For Sale Soon

R.Lipp Upright

Steck Pianola

Ronsich 2 Crown Upright

Ronisch 3 Crown Upright



Past Piano Sales 

FullSizeRender 36 IMG_1641 IMG_1639

Gors & Kallmann Baby Grand Piano | Kawai Digital Conversion | $4295 | Sold 


Atlas Junior Piano | New Strings | Made in Japan | $1300 | Sold 27/3/17

FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 6

Feurich Upright | New Hammers | New Key tops | German | $2700 | SOLD 15/3/17


August Forster Model B | Refurbished to High Standard | German | $2500 | SOLD 4/3/17

KAWAI KS-3a Upright Piano | 132cm Tall | Refurbished | New Tuning Pins | $3500 | SOLD October 2016



Beale Upright Piano | Refurbished | Australian Made | Australian History | $1990 | SOLD 16/07/16


YAMAHA C108 Upright Piano | Polished Mahogany | $2200. | SOLD March 2016



Geyer Upright Piano | Made in Germany | $995 | SOLD February 2016 


Welmar 1welmar 8welmar 4

Welmar Upright Piano | Dampp Chaser System | Made in England | New Tuning Pins | $1500 | SOLD July 2015 


IMG_3973 (1)IMG_3969IMG_3967

Schumann Upright Piano | 122cm Tall | 8 years old | Made in China | $2990 | SOLD March 2015 


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