Turn your home piano into a Hybrid Silent Piano.

Do you get shy playing the piano around others?
Do your neighbours not appreciate your piano playing?
Do the kids drown out the TV when you’re trying to watch?
Do you want to record your playing to a computer or tablet?
Do you want to play along to strings, organs and other instrumentation?
Do you want to bring your piano into the 21st century?


If you answered yes to any of the above, PianoTech can help you out by fitting a  Silent Piano System to your piano.
Installing PianoDisc’s  Magic Star V6, Silent Piano System will help you to unlock a new universe of musical potential!



A Piano Silencer is a device that is installed inside your existing acoustic piano. Once installed it allows you to play silently using headphones, preventing the disruption of those around you. Whether your piano is grand or upright, new or used, PianoTech has a system for you.
When you activate the silent practice facility, the piano hammers will no longer hit the strings. Instead, a newly installed sensor rail under the keys captures all key movements and sends the information to the digital processing unit.

QuietTime® Magic Star V6 – Features:


  • New compact design
  • Bigger polyphony: max. 256-note
  • Touch-less key sensor system
  • New functions such as: Pedal Adjustment – to set the switch point for the pedals

Furthermore, the system comes with the following known and proven features:


  • Available for grand and upright pianos
  • Graphics display for even easier operation
  • 12 Present-Tones: 2x piano, 2x strings, 4x piano and strings, harpsichord, E-piano, church organ, metronome only
  • 128 General MIDI Tones
  • 4 Userset-Tones, using your favorite settings
  • Selectable Startup-Tone
  • Mute rail for grand or upright pianos
  • Reverb, chorus, dynamic curves, pitch and transposition effects
  • Recordings gets stored in permanent memory, safe even if the system is disconnected from power
  • Metronome with selectable tempo, bar, rhythm and selectable volume levels
  • Compatible with iDevices – Use MIDI on the iPad for even more fun while learning!
  • Easy control via touch screen
  • Initiation of recording via pedal
  • Quick save feature for your favorite settings
  • USB port, for USB stick
  • Multitrack recording
  • Loop playback
  • Setting for recording with immediate playback
  • User set sounds can now combine up to three instrument sounds with individual settings for each instrument
  • Recording to a USB stick
  • Supports up to 3 pedals (center pedal, optional)
  • 80 Demo-songs
  • MIDI-IN, MIDI-OUT, MIDI-THRU, an adapter for round DIN MIDI ports is generally included!

PianoTech has used Magic Star to save an old piano from landfill. The piano had a crack in the wood tuning wrest plank and could not be tuned. Due to sentimental value the customer would not part with it. We suggested fitting PianoDisc Silent System, giving this piano a new life as a digital instrument. When connected to a speaker system the Piano sounded better than the day it was made. In the end we were left with one very happy customer who has regained full use of her piano without ever needing it tuned.

Most pianos can be fitted with this system but some very small pianos or pianos with less than 88 keys may not be compatible.

Photos: PianoTechs installation of Magic Star Silent System on a brand new piano.


2018 prices

  • Upright Magic Star V6 System, fully installed $2990
  • Grand Magic Star V6 System, fully installed $3990
  • Installed in your home in the Perth metro area.


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