Pre-purchase Piano Inspections | The $80 cost could save you Thousands $$$$

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Don’t risk buying a used piano until you’ve had a full pre-purchase piano inspection – a piano with a low price may seem like a bargain, but is it?

Buying a $100 used piano may end up costing you over $700. Add the cost of transport and then a piano tuner attending your home only to inform you that your $100 piano can’t hold tune and its beyond economical repair.

Let’s be frank about the problem we see weekly. Please don’t waste your money on a Free to $500 bargain piano on Gumtree or eBay. Especially if it’s for kids to learn on! If your on a tight budget than it would be better to purchase a second hand digital piano!  Yes there are times when a piano tuner will recommend a digital piano. Why? A $250 piano is old and worn, won’t hold tune, not tuned at concert pitch, keys stick, uneven touch, ready for land fill, not fun for kids to learn on and is a big part why kids give up after a few months! A reasonable acoustic used piano should cost from $1500 / $2000 and upwards. A new Yamaha P45 digital piano cost under $600 or the CASIO CDP-130 for under $500 They are a much better starting instrument. When you know your kids are serious about piano you should look for a good quality acoustic piano.

PianoTech has developed a Piano Inspection Report to lower the chances of buying someone elses problems.

Piano Inspection Report

Adrian can inspect the instrument you are looking to purchase and inform you of any known problems. Adrian will present you with the report so you can make your decision on purchasing. Don’t be fooled by pianos with beautiful exteriors, as the condition of the inside of a piano is far more important than the beautiful piece of furniture.

For this service the prospective buyer will need to ask permission from the seller to have PianoTech  inspect the piano.

Feel free to contact PianoTech with your questions on buying second hand pianos or to arrange an inspection.

You may like to read this PDF file from YAMAHA on buying a piano:

Piano Buyers Guide, by YAMAHA




PianoTech Video: Piano Inspection

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