Qualified Perth Piano Tuner and Technician

PianoTech's Adrian McDonald is a Yamaha & Kawai authorised Piano Tuner located in Mandurah & Perth, Western Australia. Adrian was trained by YAMAHA Australia's Senior Concert Tuner & Technician Mr Brent Ottley at the Australasian School of Piano Technology in Melbourne.

Inspections, Repairs and Piano Tuning

PianoTech's Adrian McDonald believes all pianos should be cared for and serviced to play at their best, so you will perform at your best, and offers a range of services including inspections, repairs, tuning and hybrid systems. He also provides advice for those looking to buy or sell a piano.
Over time, Adrian has developed precise and up to date skills in Piano Tuning and Servicing that reach far beyond many tuners in the industry today. Adrian is an authorised tuner for Yamaha and Kawai pianos. He has also passed skills testing to become an Australasian Registered Piano Technician (ARPT) and is a full member of the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technician Association of WA.

Adrian continues to train further by attending industry conventions, seminars and product training from piano makers both here and abroad. Adrian is striving to be the best he can in an industry that has a problem of an ageing and declining population of piano tuners. Adrian will seek to be the best and pass on the highest skills to the next generation of tuners and technicians, to keep the wonderful pianos alive and in good working condition well into the future for all music lovers to enjoy.

Piano tuning $170 | Piano Inspections $80 | Call Adrian on 0420 593 390