Are you trying to sell your piano without much luck?

Do you have buyers out to your home to inspect your piano but still no sale?

With so many pianos for sale online, both new and used, the market in pianos is slow and the used piano market is at a snail’s pace. To help you sell your piano you need to think like you’re selling a car or real estate.  If your piano is not presented at its best, then it may turn off prospective buyers. Sometimes, the appearance of the piano can win a sale over the sound or tone of a piano – not that these aspects are unimportant.  Like real estate good street appeal can sell your property much faster, so invest some time dusting, polishing and detailing your piano, removing the clutter on top of the piano and you will get better results.

Before listing your piano for sale, make sure to give it a good clean, and get it inspected and tuned.  If you were to look at buying a nice shiny car and you started the engine and it sounded bad, you would not have the best impression of that car.  Get your piano sounding its best by getting it tuned and have any simple repairs like sticking keys fixed at the same time.  Most buyers know so little about pianos that when they inspect a piano that is out of tune or keys not working, the buyer has no way of knowing if the problem is major or minor, or how the sound and tone  would be after it’s tuned. Buyers will often reject a perfectly good piano because of a few minor neglect or maintenance issues.

Call Adrian at Pianotech and tell him you’re interested in selling your piano. If you book an inspection with him, Adrian will give you a fair price on tuning, minor repairs, detailing and a written inspection report that will help with your sale. Adrian may also have clients looking for quality secondhand pianos and may be able to send them in your direction.

Struggling to find a place to advertise your piano?

Many things have changed in the last decade, as we have almost seen the demise of print newspapers and classifieds in favour of online website. It is with frustration that sites such as eBay are full of bargain hunters and seldom result in a positive sale for the seller. It can help to try to think of local ways of advertising your piano, or let your piano teacher know you’re selling your piano.

Advertising in your childrens school newsletter could get your piano seen by prospective music students. Do get in touch with your piano tuner as they often have customers looking to upgrade pianos, or place a free ad on Gumtree, Trading Post, Facebook Buy & Sell pages or the Quokka (WA only).

When you write your ads, it’s extremely helpful to state the brand of piano, model if known, height of piano from floor to top lid, age, condition and if it needs tuning or not.



Yamaha U3 Upright Piano for Sale $4999

Big sound from this 132cm tall piano. Made in JAPAN. 13 years old. 

Last tuned 6 months ago. Looks and plays like new. Can be viewed weekends

and week nights. Located in Joondalup area. 


We often have a chuckle when we see ads on gumtree that just state “Piano For Sale” and not much more information than that. You could not sell a car of house that way.

Good luck with your sale, and do get in touch if you would like further information.

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